daylight saving in Egypt

Paul Koning pkoning at
Tue Sep 4 20:59:25 UTC 2007

>>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur David Olson <Olson> writes:

 >> > "Egypt will start its wintertime as of Friday, September 7,"
 >> Cabinet > Spokesman Magdi Radi announced Wednesday 22/8/2007. This
 >> means that > Egyptians will set their clocks one hour backward.
 >> >
 >> > Egypt operates Daylight-Saving Time between the last Friday in
 >> April > and the last Thursday in September when the clocks are a 3
 >> hours
 Arthur> ahead
 >> > of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
 >> >
 >> > The date will change a little bit this year because of Ramadan,
 >> the > Holy Muslims fasting month due to start Thursday, September
 >> 13.
 >> The current tzdata2007g.tar.gz does not have this, but Paul
 >> Eggert's latest patch has it - so it is probably time to make a
 >> new release by Friday.

 Arthur> It seems to me as if tzdata2007g.tar.gz does reflect the
 Arthur> moved-up change--see below.

Not quite, judging by the article quote.  It implies that the change
is for 2007 only.  Incidentally, MS released a patch
(;en-us;940427) for
this change, and the description states that it's 2007 only.


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