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* According to Steffen Thorsen's web site the Gaza Strip and the rest of the
Palestinian territories left DST early on of September at 2:00
instead of of October at 0:00 as tz database has it. If that is true,
Palestine therefore just preceded Israel which left DST on of
September at 2:00. See
* DST News claims that Iran will adopt DST again from 21. March to 23.
September (2008?). This goes in hand with the 2006a version of tz data which
starts DST in Iran at the same date (2008-03-21), but ends it of
September 2008. See
* Now several sources have come forward to confirm that Venezuela will
change GMT offset from -4 to -4.5 at midnight 23.rd. of September.
Unfortunately I have not been able to find anything about this on the
official government site.
Here are some new links:
* Although there are no (English!) authoritative information about it, there
are some web sites claiming Japan and South Korea will join a mutual new DST
implementation in 2008, presumably at the same dates. Perhaps something
could be put in the comments for these countries to document the rumour (SK
already has some info on this in 2007g version of asia file).
I suggest that the tz database could be updated with (some or all of) the
above subjects. At least the Gaza/West Bank change seems urgent since it was
already implemented, and Venezuela will change soon.

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