Shapefile for Olson time zone names

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Jan 2 17:24:31 UTC 2008

Hi folks

I'm trying to map from latitude and longitude to Olson time zone names,
and haven't had any luck locating the relevant data. Does anyone know of
an existing data set, in any format which I could ultimately get into
PostGIS (Shapefile, or PostGIS, or anything similar), which would serve
this purpose?

If anyone is interested in helping to create such a data set I did find
a potential starting point:  this data set from BBN which is old (2002)
and only maps to the UTC time offsets (+1, +2 etc):

I would love to see such a data set becoming a standard part of the
ZoneInfo repository, updated in an open fashion. If some funding would
help to get that started, I'll gladly entertain proposals.


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