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Mon Jan 14 11:01:05 UTC 2008

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IronPort Spam Quarantine Notification

The message(s) below have been blocked by your administrator as potential spam.

There are 3 new messages in your Email Quarantine since you received your last SPAM Quarantine Notification. If the messages below are spam, you do not need to take any action.  Messages will be automatically removed from the quarantine after 31 day(s).  NOTE:  You may receive multiple notifications if you received Potential SPAM to multiple SMTP addresses listed on your account.

If any of the messages below are not spam, click the Not Spam link to have them sent to your Inbox. To see all quarantined messages view https://NIHCESSPAMVLT.HUB.NIH.GOV/Search?h=f35d279b1cd7cb4901a3e5bdfe879e01&

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Message 1
   From: "40dvd"<mk at>
   Subject: Potential SPAM:Get Karl ! Oh Soo Jung
   Date: 14 Jan 2008
   Not Spam: https://NIHCESSPAMVLT.HUB.NIH.GOV/Message?action=Release&mid=170382750&h=9932fb0806d97cf361769d96faa958c7&

Message 2
   From: "BRUIN STEPHANE" <loterieanglaise.euromillion10 at>
   Date: 13 Jan 2008
   Not Spam: https://NIHCESSPAMVLT.HUB.NIH.GOV/Message?action=Release&mid=170381928&h=5b46b262f6aeb0ebf0138a57e2a64eaa&

Message 3
   From: "info at"<info at>
   Subject: Potential SPAM:Get Karl ! Oh Soo Jung «ХГХВмаЎТЛЕХ ¤НВµФґµТБ¤ЗТБОТўН§ЕР¤ГаГЧиН§№Хйдґй
   Date: 11 Jan 2008
   Not Spam: https://NIHCESSPAMVLT.HUB.NIH.GOV/Message?action=Release&mid=170379342&h=6ef31ab9cf6161dcc7073c6f1bbd4cc6&


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