Changing the DST

praveen.patle at praveen.patle at
Fri Jan 18 00:26:24 UTC 2008


We are trying to simulate the DST in our test environment.
As part of this process, we want to modify the rules so that the short day
and long day can be any day we choose.

Currently, we chose lastSun of Feb as short day and lastSun of March as
long day.
Can you please provide us an example as to what needs to be changed in the
"northamerica" file?

We have changed the following in "northamerica" file:
# Rule      NAME  FROM  TO    TYPE  IN    ON    AT    SAVE  LETTER/S
Rule  US    2007  max   -     Feb   lastSun     2:00  0:00  D
Rule  US    2007  max   -     Mar   lastSun     2:00  0     S

Is there any other place we need to change in "northamerica" file?
This northamerica file is from the tzdata version "tzdata2007k"

The problem with this change is that one hour is being added to every hour
subsequent to last Sunday in Feb until the actual Short day (March 9).
After March 9, one hour is substracted from wall time from every hour until
the actual Long Day (Nov 2).

Are there any known bugs/fixes to "javazic" code?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

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