San Luis time change

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Sat Jan 26 18:11:12 UTC 2008

I haven't been able to confirm with anyone the San Luis time. Still if
the documentation is there on the San Luis government web site, it must
have gone ahead, I reckon.

I think that Babelfish is right in translating "huso horario" with
although only in the sense of GMT offset, or perhaps in a strip of land
on the map, not in the fuller sense of timezone that we use in the tz
database, where this entity apart from GMT offset can have a DST rule

I agree with the Microsoft view that most likely San Luis just wanted
to reinstate what they had before in all Argentina, GMT-3 all year round.
If not, San Luis should have made some kind of mention of what will happen
March 16 when Buenos Aires returns from GMT-2 to GMT-3. As they do not,
I suppose nothing will happen in San Luis.

Certainly going back to -4:16:48 as in "Cordoba Mean Time" would be a bad
guess, like reading the message as the Devil reads the Bible. But for
lack of complete information, we will *have* to guess!

- Jesper Nørgaard Welen

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Thanks for the pointer.  Has anyone been able to confirm what actually
happened in San Luis on Monday (January 21) at 00:00?

Also, my Spanish is pretty bad.  Were they intending to change to
UTC-03 for the whole year (as Microsoft suggests), or are they
changing to UTC-04 in winter, UTC-03 in summer?  The Babelfish
translation of the above article suggests the latter, since it keeps
talking about the "time zone".  In particular this quote:

   El huso horario que corresponde a nuestra Provincia es el que se
   encuentra al oeste del meridiano que pasa por la provincia de
   Córdoba. En ese origen se encuentra la diferencia del huso horario
   que pasa por la ciudad de Buenos Aires que es un huso horario que
   tiene una hora de diferencia

Before 1920, Argentina used what I've dubbed "Cordoba Mean Time",
which was (according to Shanks) UTC-4:16:48; surely they are not
intending to revert to _that_!

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