FW: Corrections to historic German timezone information

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Subject: Corrections to historic German timezone information

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I understand that the historic time zone database you maintain is the basis of calendar computations in many computer systems and programming languages, including Linux and Tcl. We are using said data in some of our applications. Many thanks for your effort.

Please find attached a few modifications to your tz2007k data files, so as to bring them in line with the publications of the Arbeitsgruppe 4.41 of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt at http://www.ptb.de/de/org/4/44/441/salt.htm.

The mistake in tz2007k is that the special 1945 rules for East Berlin and the German Sowjet Zone mentioned in bullet point c) of the website above are applied to Germany in general. The modifications return Europe/Berlin to the standard rules a) and b), and introduce a new zone Europe/BerlinEast where a), b) and c) are applied.

Cc to the PTB for information.

Kind regards,
Sebastian Wangnick
Sebastian Wangnick
Lammersdorfer Str. 61
D-52159 Roetgen/Rott
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