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> Paul Schulze was kind enough to point out a geography error in the proposed
> changes; the change below is on top of those circulated yesterday.
> The changes below also eliminate the single accented character in the
> southamerica file (for consistency); we'll see what the future holds for
> accented characters.

As the imediate move is to remove accented characters the text by Paul
Schulze should read:

+ # From Paul Schulze (2008-06-24):
+ # law number 11.662 of April 24, 2008 (published in the "Diario
Oficial da Uniao"...)
+ # in Brazil there are changes in the timezones, effective today (00:00am
+ # at June 24, 2008) as follows:
+ #
+ # a) The timezone UTC+5 is e[x]tinguished, with all the Acre state and the
+ # part of the Amazonas state that had this timezone now being put to the
+ # timezone UTC+4
+ # b) The whole Para state now is put at timezone UTC+3, instead of just
+ # part of it, as was before.
+ #
+ # This change follows a proposal of senator Tiao Viana of Acre state, that
+ # proposed it due to concerns about open television channels displaying
+ # programs inappropriate to youths in the states that had the timezone
+ # UTC+5 too early in the night. In the occasion, some more corrections
+ # were proposed, trying to unify the timezones of any given state. This
+ # change modifies timezone rules defined in decree 2.784 of 18 June,
+ # 1913.

Please notice that the above text is different from both the first version
sent by Olson and the second, sent by me.

The first had no accent characters at all, i.e., missing letters.

The second had the accented characters with the accents.

This one, the third, has the accented characters without the accents which
seems to be the desired goal before UTF-8 or something similar is adopted.


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