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>Clive D.W. Feather wrote:
>>> [1] Yes, there are a few languages other than English whose script 
>>>only  needs 7-bit ASCII.
>>  Of course, English is not one of them.
>It would be naïve to think otherwise. English has a handful
>of words that need récherché characters.  ASCII presents an
>adequate façade, but my 2¢ worth is that English also benefits
>from Unicode™.

Indeed, since I don't have an encyclopædiac knowledge of such usages, 
merely a mental list of examples, I couldn't disagree with you.

>My only request is to give a bit of warning.  Right now, I have
>the Tcl version of ZIC coded to expect the input files to be
>Latin-1.  It's a one-line change to make them UTF-8, but it's
>important to know *when* to make it.

If I've read the updates correctly, all non-ASCII characters have been 
removed. So this might be a good time to declare that UTF-8 is the rule 
for the future.

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