Subject: Re: FW: Change of timezone City for India

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at
Wed Jul 2 17:13:49 UTC 2008


I would like to bring it to your attention that the usage Asia/ 
Calcutta has a long history. India has four major metropolitan cities  
- originally Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Madras and now known as  
Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai. Each has historically been the  
seat of some important national institutions/traditions. Calcutta/ 
Kolkata has historically been the 'time' city of India. Everyone is  
quite comfortable with this. If you *do* want to make a change,  
please consult all sections of the community before you do so. India  
is also a country with sensitive regional feelings, so please take  
these things into consideration before making any change. If  
necessary you could poll the various LUGs and FSUGs and other  
interest groups before making a change.


Kenneth Gonsalves
Associate, NRC-FOSS
lawgon at

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