New DST dates for Mauritius - moved to October

Alex Krivenyshev worldtimezone at
Fri Jul 11 13:51:09 UTC 2008

> A little strange though, since the article says that they moved the date 
> to align itself with Europe and USA which also change time on that date, 
> but that means they have not paid attention to what happened in 
> USA/Canada last year (DST ends first Sunday in November). 

It is getting stranger that same date newspaper # No. 16578 (07/11/2008), 
L'Express Mauritius have 2 different articles:

English language article "The revival of daylight saving time : Energy 
restates introduction of DST from 1st November 2008 to 31st March 2009.

However same date (07/11/2008) and same reference newspaper  # No. 16578 - 
different article in French language "Le gouvernement avance l’introduction de 
l’heure d’été"
states that DST in Mauritius will start on October 26 and will end on March 
27 ...???

Alexander Krivenyshev,
New York, NY

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