New DST dates for Mauritius - moved to October

Ed Maste emaste at
Thu Jul 24 19:41:27 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 11:43:48AM -0400, Ed Maste wrote:

> I believe the article claimes that it's just a proposal and
> will be voted on in two weeks.  I think it was originally published
> 11 July so the decision should be made shortly (if it hasn't yet in the
> last few days).

I've found an updated document on which states:


    The summer time period which will be of one hour ahead of the
    standard time, will be aligned with that in Europe and the United
    States of America. It will start at two o'clock in the morning on
    the last Sunday of October and will end at two o'clock in the
    morning on the last Sunday of March the following year. The summer
    time for the year 2008 - 2009 will, therefore, be effective as from
    26 October 2008 and end on 29 March 2009.

Taken from <>
Shorter link <>.

So there's still confusion over the US DST dates, but it looks like
26 October 2008 is official.


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