FW: Correction for Saint-Pierre/Miquelon

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I'm forwarding this message from Bill Raymond; since sending it, he has
asked to be added to the time zone mailing list and has been added.


From: Raymond, Bill (BRAYMOND) [mailto:BRAYMOND at arinc.com] 
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Subject: Correction for Saint-Pierre/Miquelon

Reference airport LFVP - Saint Pierre/Miquelon.  There is a timezone
America/Miquelon but the current setting is GMT -3 with no DST.  LFVP is
currently is DST and is GMT -2.  It looks like the Olson data has DST info
for 2007 but not for 2008.  I did check several sources to confirm,
including making a call to Air St. Pierre at the airport to check local
For now I set LFVP to Etc/GMT -2.  Please let me know if there will be an
Best Regards,
Bill Raymond
braymond at arinc.com
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