FW: Renaming Saigon to TP Ho Chi Minh

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Subject: Renaming Saigon to TP Ho Chi Minh

Hello tzdata developers,

I already contacted you about this a little while ago, but the
discussion didn't get very far.

In https://launchpad.net/bugs/121540, Vientamese users make quite a
clear statement that "Saigon" is obsolete and, more importantly,
politically sensitive.

The current name of that city has been "Ho Chi Minh" for very long, so
it should be renamed to "TP Ho Chi Minh", and Saigon should get a
transitional link.

Last time it was already proposed to use the capital "Hanoi" instead or
in addition, but I understand that you usually use the largest city, not
capitals. I take it that didn't change?

Thanks for considering,


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