Renaming Saigon to TP Ho Chi Minh

Progfou jean-christophe.andre at
Sun Mar 23 08:15:44 UTC 2008

Robert Elz <kre <at> munnari.OZ.AU> writes:
> But with a simple question "what's the largest city/town that always has
> their clock set the same as yours", and for people who can actually
> answer the question, that will be easy.

To come back on the original subject of this thread:

1) I understand now that I was wrong in the first place believing that time
   zone name was related to some political choice ; it's not and so there is
   no more reason to ask to switch to "Hanoi" for the Vietnam time zone name.

2) I would have loved to see "Hanoi" as a link in the database, but as I
   understand it now, it would just add more unnecessary work for tzdata
   maintainers and also distributions maintainers (confirmed by one Debian
   Developer) for not that much added value considering point 1), so let's
   forget it.

3) The primary goal of this thread was to change from "Saigon" to 
   "Ho_Chi_Minh_City", because this is a real needed change, and it has
   been suggested that we use "Ho_Chi_Minh" to respect POSIX constraints,
   so be it ; TIA for changing it ASAP.

On my side, I will make my best to teach people what I have been taught
here: time zone have a simple rule to select their names which is not
politically related, so there is no reason to ask for a change when it
doesn't make match this rule.

On the other side, I will propose my favorite distributions (Debian and
Ubuntu) to make some cosmetics changes to show multiple cities for the
same time zone, as we can see in some other systems.

Thanks everybody for your answers, best regards, J.C.

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