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Martin Barnes barnes at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Nov 28 16:47:51 UTC 2008

I have a question related to the accepted standard for expressing the
"Olsen" name where multiple zones exhibit the same "behaviour" in terms
of belonging to the same country, having the same UTC offset and exactly
the same DST rules.


For example, it appears that all clocks within all locations within
Argentina will have the same time all year round. The 12 zones reveal
the same behaviour. The same is true of China and a number of other

I have been aware of the concept of a "consolidated" or "preferred" time
zone which is a combined zone that takes the name of the most important
location (eg. "America/Buenos_Aires" in the case of Argentina)


Do these combined "super" zones exist? If so, is there information
available that indicates how the individual zones roll up?


My enquiry relates to a need to provide information that can identify
the correct timezone for every place (city, postcode, county, state, etc
etc) on earth via a back-end mapping service that calculates the spatial
relationship between the place coordinate and the timezone boundary.

I am looking to build up an accurate timezone boundary map essentially
using existing map objects as building blocks.


Many thanks

-Martin Barnes


GeoData Manager

Yahoo! Geo Technologies

Geo Informatics team


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