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Thu Oct 9 02:28:43 UTC 2008

Hi Vilas,


There is one site that indicates historically when Daylight Saving has
started and finished since it began up until the current Daylight Saving
period.  The site is:


Another site that indicates current Daylight Saving rules is:  This website only indicates there are three
timezones in Australia (not taking into account that no Daylight Saving
exists in Northern Territory or Queensland which would create an additional
two timezones during Daylight Saving.  However, this site fails to mention
Central West Standard Time (ACWST) which sits 45 minutes ahead of AWST and
45 minutes behind ACST and Lord Howe Island Standard Time (ALHST) which sits
40 minutes ahead of AEST.  Both these timezones also have Daylight Saving
Time at the same period as Western Australia and NSW (ACT, SA, TAS, VIC)


I hope this answers what you are after.


Kind Regards,

David Grosz

Sydney, NSW, Australia


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What is the official site for Australian time zone and recent DST changes ? 






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