Argentina DST switch on October 19 is not official

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Oct 9 09:41:57 UTC 2008

Hello tzdata maintainers,

in we first handled the recent
Argentina DST change and uloaded 2008g to all stable Ubuntu releases.
However, now there are some followup comments which say that is not at
all clear whether October 19 will actually switch to DST, as indicated
by the current rules. The last comment subsumes this as

  "I think the problem is that there are no official sources saying
  that DST will start on 19th October, so there isn't really any
  source to reference to. That dates seem to be a rumour from an
  unofficial news site. Until an official announcement is made, it
  should probably be assumed that there will be no DST starting in

I can just play messenger here, and I don't speak Spanish either, but
I thought notifying you about possible problems would be a good idea.

Settling this soon would be good, since it always takes a while until
tzdata package updates are actually downloaded and used by people.



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