proposed time zone package changes (Argentina, Mauritius, Niue, Syria)

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Thu Oct 9 13:49:33 UTC 2008

Robert Elz escribió el 09/10/08 09:48:
> Yes, we try hard to get the best information we can, and make the most
> reliable estimations of what is likely to happen, and most of the time
> things work out the way we'd like.   Sometimes they don't.  What really
> matters is the accuracy of the information that we can obtain, and how
> early that information reaches us.   We know there are places where
> summer time rules seem to be decided upon a whim the day before the event,
> but I suspect that most of this is just perception - things like airline
> timetables for international flights cannot simply be changed with a
> day's notice.   So what is most likely the problem is just that the information
> is not getting through, rather than it does not exist.
> That is, I am reasonably confident that there are people in Argentina
> who really know whether summer time will start Oct 19 this year or not,
> and if not, when (if at all.)   The issue is getting that information from
> the people who know and to the people who maintain tzdata.   Someone who
> cares needs to do that, this year, and in the future (until perhaps things
> stabilise and there are less surprises.)
Well... you'd be surprised about this... but this seems to be the way
National Policy is done in Argentina (and it's not something specific
about the current authorities, I've seen this happen year after year,
government after government from the 1990's up to now)

>   | If the government doesn't say *anything* about DST,
> Why would they not?   That is, if asked?   If no-one bothers to ask,
> that's a different issue, that is is you just sit passively and hope to
> be informed, but why not go out and ask???
> That's what I asked for in an earlier message - no-one seems to have
> done anything (beyond speculating.)
Whenever that is true for me (that is *I* didn't take the time -this
time- to find out further away than google), I was interviewed yesterday
from someone from a major newspaper who's been contacting people in
different relevant offices of the Executive Branch and noone had a clue
about it...

Anyway, for what I read in
finally yesterday de President decided to go on with the DST change next
Sunday (so 2008f and 2008g are right about it)... I didn't find the
official information yet... the "Boletín Oficial" has nothing about it
and neither has the "Servicio de Hidrografía Naval" updated its
published table

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