Argentina DST blues

Petr Machata pmachata at
Thu Oct 16 11:36:37 UTC 2008

Steffen Thorsen wrote:
> Mariano Absatz - El Baby wrote:
>> and translate:
>>     /Everything shows that starting this Sunday, Argentina will have two
>>     time zones. At least five provinces would not move forward the
>>     clocks. San Luis and Mendoza already confirmed it and in La Rioja,
>>     San Juan and Catamarca they say there is no oficial decision yet,
>>     but "very probably" they will not move the clock hands. They afirm
>>     that light and darkness hours do not agree with the lifestyle and
>>     customs in the provinces and that last year many people had problems
>>     to sleep./
> It seems to be official in Catamarca and San Juan as well now, according 
> to the press:

I'm eyeing the sources, and is seems to me that we need to split 
America/Argentina/Catamarca in two, one for Catamarca (which doesn't 
plan to introduce the DST), and one for Chubut (which does).  The most 
populous city in Chubut, per wikipedia, is Comodoro Rivadavia, "often 
referred simply as Comodoro", hence the zone would be 

The patch is attached that, I hope, implements the above changes, even 
though more commentary changes would probably be apt.  Please comment.

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