Argentina DST blues

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Fri Oct 17 12:37:47 UTC 2008

Steffen Thorsen escribió el 17/10/08 08:23:
> The Salta Province in Argentina will not use DST either, as announced
> on their official site:
Thanx, Steffen... I hadn't heard that... now I read in the papers that
Nequén, La Rioja and Jujuy wouldn't use DST either...

I'm enclosing a new patch that considers that the following Provinces
will NOT use DST this year:

Mendoza (but it calls UTC-3 WARST)
San Juan
San Luis
La Rioja

I also uploaded a tz file for Argentina with this info at

There are instructions (in Spanish) to download and compile it at

I'll try to keep this updated during the weekend, but I make no promises...

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