Australia/Sydney TZ DST

Geoff Capper gcca.capper at
Mon Oct 20 03:54:08 UTC 2008


I had a browse through your site and messages searching for the reason 
Java had not been updated with the changed DST dates for Eastern 
Australia, as Java indicates that they depend on results here. I noted a 
request for Australian DST information, but also noted that your 
database hasn't included recent changes to some of the Eastern seaboard 
DST dates.

The Australia/Sydney zone in particular changed to DST on October 5th, 
and in future years the change will be on the 1st Sunday in October, and 
will end on the first Sunday in April. I believe the southern states are 
also in line with this.

Further details are available from the NSW AG's Community Relations Unit 

Kind Regards,

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