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Hi there, again...

whereas the National Decree from last Friday didn't include Jujuy among 
the Provinces excepted from the DST change and that was the information 
in Saturday morning papers 
(, on Saturday 
afternoon the news was that Jujuy would NOT apply DST on Sunday 
(, which was 
confirmed in the Sunday morning printed edition 

In the Jujuy Government's portal ( there's a 
small reference to this in the Government activity section 
( but the "read more" link 
points to another press release...

I managed to follow their naming logic and found the correct press 
release at 
(it's a Word document).

The enclosed patch does the following:

References Decrees 1693 and 1705 from the Argentina's Boletín Oficial 
and the press release from the Province of Jujuy.

Splits America/Argentina/Cordoba into America/Argentina/Salta, adjusting 
LMT for the latter for dates up to 1894-10-31

Adjusts the following zones not to apply DST from now on:

Adds the new zone into

Reorders America/Argentina/* within according to the 
instructions within the file (geographical sense / most populous first)

Reorders America/Argentina/* within southamerica to have the same order 
as within

I also uploaded a tz file for Argentina with this info at 

There are instructions (in Spanish) to download and compile it at 

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