symlinking /etc/localtime in zic.c

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Tue Oct 21 23:39:08 UTC 2008


I recently used 'zic -l' on a machine where /usr is on a different
filesystem than /etc and I saw the lines where this happens (in the
dolink() function).

Up until some time, I didn't know about "-l" and used to create a
symlink from /usr/share/zoneinfo/What/Ever to /etc/localtime

At that time, I was about to ask if it wouldn't be better to create a
symlink rather than a copy, but then I found out that linux distros
prefer to make a copy rather than a symlink because /usr might not be
mounted during boot and /etc/localtime would be pointing to no file...

Now... IF the first
        result = link(fromname, toname);
fails, it is quite probably an indication that /usr is on a different
filesystem than / ... woulnd't it be better in that case to copy rather
than symlink it?


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