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I'm not aware of an freely available data like you request.  But there are
plenty of commercially available geocoding services and software packages
that include time zone in the data they output.  Just do a web search for
'geocode' and 'time zone' and you should get a few good hits within the
first page or two.  I can't speak for the completeness or correctness of any
of these products, but if your needs are limited to the United States, and
you can afford to pay for geocoding, you should be able to find something
that meets your needs.

From: Nathan Heaivilin [mailto:heaivilin at hotmail.com]
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> To Whom it May Concern,
> I am trying to find a world list of Time Zones by Zip Codes  and/or Area
> Code(and their respective foreign number) in sometype of downloadable format
> (CSV, XML, Excel, etc).
> Example:
> USA    33647    -6:00 GST
> USA    95400    -9:00 GST
> Europe    xxxxx    -x:xx GST
> Africa    xxxxx    +x:00  GST
> Does something like this exist?  If so, do you have a copy available for
> download?  If not, do you know where I can get it.  Just trying to figure
> out a way to tie an address or phone number anywhere in the world to a time
> zone.
> Thank you very much for all of your assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Nathan Heaivilin

Scott Atwood

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