DONATELLA SABELLICO/Italy/IBM is out of office.

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> >
> > I will be out of the office starting  10/24/2008 and will not return
> until
> > 10/25/2008.
> >
> > Hello,I am out of office.I will be able to access  to my email. For any
> > urgent issue please contact my manager.For technical issue please contact
> > Fabrizio Manzo .
> Why do so many people from IBM send these silly "out of office" notices to
> a
> *mailing list*?

Because Lotus Notes is ignorant of basic netiquette and sends OOO messages
to everything that sends to an individual.  You won't get an OOO message
from my IBM email address unless you're on a Lotus Notes inside IBM email
address; I've fixed it not to reply with OOO messages to internet
addresses.  (I also do not frequently sign up my IBM email for external
mailing lists.) It is not a satisfactory solution, but it does stop managers
and members of mailing lists getting cross with me.  I have contacted both
Donatella and Christine in the past about this; neither appears to be
willing to pay any attention.

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