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Wed Oct 29 21:43:18 UTC 2008

The city of Carmen de Patagones (Provincia de Buenos Aires) is "twin" to Viedma 
(Provincia de Río Negro) and many 
people in one city works or studies in the other...

Since Río Negro is at UTC-3 and Buenos Aires at UTC-2, this has become 
more than a nuissance for people living in one city and working in the 
other one or, worse yet, having a different job in each or studying in 
one city and working in the other one...

The Intendente (Major?) of Carmen the Patagones asked the Governor of 
the Provincia de Buenos Aires to allow the city to adhere to UTC-3... 
apparently the Governor will reject it (and allow schools and public 
offices to change their timetables so as to coordinate them with the 
UTC-3 but calling it differently)... Except for the Provincial Bank 
(Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires) that must keep the same 
timetable in the whole Province...

If this goes on like this (that is, Carmen de Patagones keeps the same 
timezone as the rest of the Province), then we're fine... otherwise... 
we'll have to split America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires into yet another 
timezone called America/Argentina/C_de_Patagones or something like that :-(

I'll keep you posted...

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