Australian timezone on Linux

Masayoshi Okutsu Masayoshi.Okutsu at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 1 05:27:04 UTC 2009

Sun provides a tool for updating time zone data of Java SE.


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>     There was a brief exchange on this in messages which (due to my
>     managing to forget the correct address for the list) never made it.
>     The message below I think includes everything that needs to be said
>     about this (unless someone wants to comment on Linux GUI's...)
> Here's a thought about the UI -- what language is it written in?
> If it is Java, then Java stores the time zone information in its own 
> files, separately from everyone and everything else.  Consequently, it 
> could be erroneous because out of date.  (Frankly, that is a *bad* 
> decision by Java.  Or, if necessary - and there are some mitigating 
> factors, though I still think it is a bad decision - then it needs to 
> be possible to update the relevant part of Java independently of the 
> rest of the product.)
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