FW: timezone code - re-entrancy issue

John Dlugosz JDlugosz at TradeStation.com
Mon Jan 12 22:45:39 UTC 2009

>>  We know.   The tzname[] array is a bogus legacy interface that has
be maintained for compatability with ancient applications.   Nothing
is going to be using it these days.   Just ignore that nonsense - if
application has no need for this legacy compatability, just delete
tzname[] completely.

So what is the way, in this code (or POSIX), to get the name of the
timezone?  And I assume what is really wanted is the name at the time of
interest, so you can label output with the local time and the

(Forgive me for using Outlook; I can't find a way to format quotes.  Or
to do anything else for that matter.)

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