code review issue re t outside of ats array's range

John Dlugosz JDlugosz at
Tue Jan 13 20:18:37 UTC 2009

In 'localsub',

If t is before the first entry in ats, and goback is not set, then it
uses the first non-DST entry in ats.

But, if t is after the last entry in ats and goforward is not net, then
it uses the last entry in ats, regardless of whether it is a DST or
standard time entry.


Is that intentional?


... thinking ... time passes ...


I think it's an error either way - if the ats table ends with a seasonal
time change and it isn't flagged as goforward, it should be an error
that the table was declared too small.  It stays in DST forever and if
it's flagged as DST that means it was supposed to be a temporary
adjustment to the Zone definition.



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