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> Leaving EST as it is when it can mean Standard or Summer time or
> Australian Eastern or US Eastern is just propogating ambiguity.
> Instead of drifting along with an ambiguous consensus, why dont we show
> some leadership and set an unambigous standard. [... engage government ...
> ]

Different locations in Eastern Australia have varied interpretations of
summer time (eg. start/end dates, amount of clock shifts).

To avoid ambiguity, use an explicit UTC offset (UTC+11) or specify a
location ('Australia/Sydney').

In my view, the tz database should record existing practice rather than
trying to promote new standards. In any case, engaging the relevant
governments is likely to be difficult. Daylight savings is quite
controversial in parts of Australia. For example, a new political party was
founded in 2008 to promote adoption of daylight savings for south-east



Eric Ulevik
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