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>> Australian Eastern Daylight-savings Time (UTC +11).  The abbreviations 
>> for
>> these zones are AEST and
>> AEDT, respectively.  Australian timezones are explained here:
>> http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/our-country/time
> The question of course now is (besides the "when when when!?!??!?!" from 
> the
> Australian sysadmin community), what more information or confirmation is
> required to get this into the timezone data?

One thing I noticed is that Lord Howe is not mentioned on the page given 
Lord Howe is of course mentioned in the "Standard Time Act 1987 No 149" New 
South Wales
but not the time abbreviation.

Another tidbit, concerning the EST abbreviation:

"NSW legislation does not specify abbreviations for standard or summer time. 
EST denotes Eastern Standard Time. Summertime or daylight saving time is 
commonly expressed as EDST (eastern daylight saving time)."

This is copied from the lawlink page:
Daylight Saving in New South Wales

Oscar van Vlijmen

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