(Somewhat) New Firefox add-on

George Bradt grbradt at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 11 20:26:19 UTC 2009

  I have written a Firefox add-on which uses a timezone data file which I
generate from the tz data files. It is called Simple Timer + Clocks, and the
homepage is http://simpletimerclocks.mozdev.org/

It has various functions including:

# display your local clock
# track the local time in locations around the world
# receive notifications at specific times of the day (using your local time, or
local time in other timezones)
# receive notifications on specific dates (ie. calendar function)
# count up from zero
# count down from any time (less than 24 hours). You can set as many timers as
you want
# event logging for completed count ups, count downs, notifications and calendar

It existed for a while on mozdev.org, just recently I made it available for
download through AMO.

   George Bradt

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