Correction for Africa 2009r

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The time zone data files are "white space delimited" rather than "tab delimited" files. In some cases (such as Mauritius) a space is used as a delimiter rather than a tab so that following columns line up with column heading comments. And the time zone data files date from the era of 80-character-wide terminals, so there was some effort made to limit displayed line lengths to 80 characters.

So at least in theory using a space rather than a tab in the Mauritius line is a feature, not a bug.-)


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Thank you for the outstanding work you are doing on time zone history 
and definitions.  It is unique on the web.

In tz version 2009r, africa,
     the Rules for Mauritius and the Zone for Indian/Mauritius
     all need a tab character between
     the word "Rule" or "Zone" and the following arguments

Inserting this character will make these lines consistent with other 
similar lines in the file.

Thanks again.

                   Dave Stonehill

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