first pass at Uyghur time

Tim Diggins tim at
Thu Nov 26 10:32:07 UTC 2009

I have heard the distinction referred to as the distinction between  
'official' time (for schools, gov't offices, railways etc) and 'local'  
time (for village markets, businesses perhaps, personal appointments).

We already have a timezone IIRC for the official time Asia/PRC - all  
we need is the two local times. Calling those by the standard English  
name of that city would be most logical?


Apologies for brevity: typed on a tiny keyboard.

On 26 Nov 2009, at 03:23, Luther Ma <ma.lude.xj at> wrote:

> On further reflection I wonder if "Uyghur time" as opposed to "Han  
> time" is really what you want. In both the Uyghur and Chinese  
> languages the distinction is between Beijing time on one hand and  
> Xinjiang (or Urumqi) time on the other. And while it is true that  
> ethnicity and therefore culture largely determines which time one  
> uses in XJ, putting ethnic labels on the time zones may be somewhat  
> divisive in an already very unhappy and divisive time. (Hence my  
> allusion to Solomon's decision.)
> I thought only to point out that there is a time zone in use (and  
> quite widely used) that generally isn't represented on computers,  
> even though it has been in use as long as computers have been using  
> time zones. Forgive me if I missed some other factors that need to  
> be taken into account.
> Thanks again,
> -LuDe (Luther) Ma
> On Nov 21, 2009, at 9:43 PM, Arthur David Olson wrote:
>> Below find a first pass at changes to "zone.tabb" and "asia" to  
>> handle Uyghur variants of time in China.
>> The basic approach is to have zones with Han-based names for the  
>> rules used by Han,
>> and zones with Uyghur-based names for the rules used by Uyghur.

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