growing opposition to DST in many Argentine Provinces

Alexander Krivenyshev worldtimezone at
Sat Oct 3 01:15:03 UTC 2009

We have to anticipate some last moment changes 
in DST rules for Argentine Provinces again.

>From various news- there is a growing opposition to the Daylight Saving Time on 
October 18 in many Argentine Provinces: 
Cordoba, Entre Rios, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe ...

Crece la oposición al cambio de hora
Además de las quejas de comerciantes bonaerenses y porteños, cinco provincias 
ya adelantaron que no adherirán a la medida

Growing opposition to the change of time
In addition to complaints of merchants of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires, 
five provinces and advanced that they do not adhere DST.

province Cordoba: Cordova examines whether adheres to the time change
Córdoba analiza si adhiere al cambio horario 

province Entre Rios: There is resistance to change time zone in Entre Rios
Hay resistencia al cambio de huso horario en Entre Ríos

province Tucuman: Some provinces do not want another time
Algunas provincias no quieren otro huso

".... in Tucumán, the governor surprised everyone by stating that 
it will consider in coming days whether or not the province adheres to the time 
change plan"

province Santiago del Estero: The time change does not benefit anything
“El cambio de hora no beneficia en nada”

province Santa Fe: Santa Fe will join the discussion if time change
Santa Fe debate si se sumará al cambio de horario

Minister of Water, Utilities and Environment of the province Santa Fe said 
that "we are trying to unify positions with other provinces and we have not set 
our own ..." 


See current Time Zones map for Argentina:

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