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I'm forwarding this message from Nick Bishop, who is not on the time zone mailing list. Those of you who are on the list, please direct replies appropriately.

(This matter was discussed last year on the list; note that using "23:59:59" rather than "23:59" as a workaround reduces the cheat.)


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The timezone files from ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ are useful for systems at end of life. Thanks.

May I draw your attention to this line in the @(#)asia      8.41 file from tzdata2009n.tar.gz:

1165: Rule    Jordan  2002    max     -       Mar     lastThu 24:00   1:00    S

The Tru64 version of the zic command is not able to process this line. 

# zic -d asia
"asia", line 1165: invalid time of day

As a crude workaround I replaced the 24:00 with 23:59, making a line that reads

1165: Rule    Jordan  2002    max     -       Mar     lastThu 23:59   1:00    S

You've probably got a better way of dealing with the problem (my solution will be incorrect for one minute prior to changeover), so I'll refrain from sending a patchfile.

I have encountered this problem for these versions of Tru64
* Tru64 5.1 (uname -a => OSF1 creaky.old.machine V5.1 732 alpha)
* Tru64 5.1B-4 (uname -a => OSF1 a.newer.machine V5.1 2650 alpha)


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