growing opposition to DST in many Argentine Provinces

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Alexander Krivenyshev escribió el 08/10/09 13:46:
> There is only some info 12/03/09 (not specific for provinces) from 
> Ministerio de Defensa as No. 26.350:
> "In fulfillment of the Naval Observatory Buenos Aires (Onbaa) with the 
> community, as established by law No. 26.350, the third Sunday in March of 2009 
> at 00:00 pm, going back one hour on the spindle 3 west of Greenwich. This means 
> that at 00:00 pm the 15th of March 2009, will be 23:00 pm the previous day. "
Yeah, but that only refers to the last DST => nonDST transition last 
March... it doesn't mention what they'll be doing this month... the 
stupid Law passed in December 2007 (the infamous Law 26.350) states (in 
Article 4th):

    El Poder Ejecutivo nacional fijará anualmente la fecha de iniciación
    y de terminación del período estival que corresponda.

    The National Executive Power will /yearly/ fix the beginning and
    ending dates for the corresponding summer period.

That is, the National Government must publish the date EVERY YEAR, thus 
being able to CHANGE the date EVERY YEAR... and with the political 
coming and goings, they don't do it in March, April or June, but rather, 
1 or 2 days before the actual date (or, it has already happened, 1 or 2 
days AFTER the fact)... THEN, the Provinces start coming or going with 
the change, trying to balance the convenience of annoying the Federal 
Government by not following it, or their own inhabitants for being in a 
different timezone as Buenos Aires, or their own inhabitants for having 
daylight at 11PM...

There is no single thinking human being in the Federal Government with 
something of power to be able to do this right... where actually, right 
would be what the Province of San Luis does (fixing normal tz at UTC-4 
and using DST at UTC-3 with fixed day for the changes... IIRC, they use 
the same changing dates as our neighbour, Chile).

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