growing opposition to DST in many Argentine Provinces

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Mon Oct 12 05:51:21 UTC 2009

Mariano Absatz - El Baby wrote:
> Yeah... what's more... I can't find official information, either from
> the federal government or from the Provinces about when DST would start...
> My guess is that San Luis (which is currently the only Province using
> UTC-4 as its main -winter- timezone) would start observing DST (in
> UTC-3) on the second Sunday of October (as I think Chile does), whereas
> the National Goverment is trying that the rest of the country would
> change (from UTC-3 to UTC-2) on the THIRD Sunday of October...
> I'm really, really, REALLY fed up with this nonsense :-(

I heard rumors (from no reliable sources) of a situation where a province
would refuse to change the timezone, but a single city in it *would* change
(thus having a different time than the rest of the province) to match with
a neighbor province that would change along with Bs.As, with which they
have a lot of commerce.

I don't even remember which provinces/cities they were :( Do you have any
info on this?

By the way, how separated is the current tzdata list? Is there *at least*
one timezone per Argentinian province? (I know that some are split further)

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