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> Almost all (>99.9%) ethnic Chinese (properly ethnic Han) living in  
> Xinjiang use Chinese Standard Time. Some are aware of Xinjiang time,  
> but have no need of it. All planes, trains, and schools function on  
> what is called "Beijing time". When Han make an appointment in Chinese  
> they implicitly use Beijing time.
> On the other hand, ethnic Uyghurs, who make up about half the  
> population of Xinjiang, typically use "Xinjiang time" which is two  
> hours behind Beijing time, or UTC +0600. The government of the  
> Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, (XAUR, or just Xinjiang for short)  
> as well as local governments such as the Urumqi city government use  
> both times in publications, referring to what is popularly called  
> Xinjiang time as "Urumqi time". When Uyghurs make an appointment in  
> the Uyghur language they almost invariably use Xinjiang time.

Xinjiang Time is sort of unofficial time, which is the same time as in nearby 
Kazakhstan (2 hours behind Bejing Time).

Here I found some sites from Chinese web sites in Chinese, where 
mentioned “Xinjiang time” for some Television Stations, by minorities in 
National Restaurant Table, local places to the west from Kashgar (Kashi) ...

LonelyChina- Travel China Information Center

Xinjiang Time 

" ....Locally, there is such a thing as unofficial “Xinjiang time”, a couple of 
hours behind Beijing time, which is used more frequently the further west you 
head towards Kashgar; when buying bus, train or plane tickets, you should be 
absolutely clear about which time is being used..."

(Chinese web site)

Xinjiang Television Station posted scheduale (in 2004) using Xinjiang time
Xinjiang Television Station
(Kazakh language variety channel) September 1, 2004 implementation date

(Chinese web site)

(Computer Translation to English):
The time difference between Beijing and Urumqi, how many hours ? 

- Urumqi, Xinjiang, and Beijing is actually the geographical difference of 
nearly 3 hours 

- The use of two kinds of time in Xinjiang:
Beijing Time: 
Xinjiang time: 2 hours later than Beijing is only partially used for example in 
the minority: National Restaurant Table


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