Pakistan federal government has issued a notification to end DST.

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Sun Oct 25 21:26:21 UTC 2009

Andy Heninger <aheninger <at>> writes:

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> Subject: Re: Pakistan data incorrect?To: aheninger <at> google.comCc: marc 
<at> geonames.orgHello,
> I am currently located in Pakistan city Lahore. We are still following 
Pakistan Daylight Savings time.
> Since I had no idea how to reply back on "GMane" thus sending you an e-mail...
> Kind Regards
> Masood
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> From: Andy Heninger <aheninger <at>>Subject: Pakistan data 
> Newsgroups: gmane.comp.time.tzDate: 2009-10-12 21:59:27 GMT (20 hours and 1 
minute ago)
> Pinging the Pakistan question again,the current (2009n) data for Pakistan 
appears to be incorrect for the date for the end of daylight savings time for 
this year,
> 2009n says
> Rule Pakistan	2009	only	-	Oct	1	0:00	0	-
> Should be
> Rule Pakistan	2009	only	-	Nov	1	0:00	0	-
> I've independently received reports that Pakistan is still on Daylight time, 
but if someone located there could confirm it, that would be good.  (I'm not 
there.)  And then, of course, the data wants to be updated.

Pakistan media (International News Network) reports with reference to 
Private TV Channel that 
Pakistan federal government has issued a notification to reverse the clocks by 
one hour from November 1st, 2009.

Alexander Krivenyshev (World Time Zone),

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