[somehow OT] "undoing" manual tzdata compilation on a Mac

Mariano Absatz - El Baby baby at baby.com.ar
Fri Apr 2 21:11:42 UTC 2010


I know Argentina has a long history of doing last minute changes about
our timezones including inter-provincial anarchy. However, tzdata is
easy enough to quickly adapt to this changes, and if you're somehow
savvy, it is quite easy to fix things on your own.

Last October, Argentina decided not to apply DST this (Southern) summer
on the last minute and this was reflexed on tzdata2009p published on
October 26th.

Since Apple didn't immediately made this changes, knowing that OS X is
actually running on top of some kind of BSD and actually finding zic and
/usr/share/zoneinfo in it, I volunteered "fixing" a friend's macbook pro.

I simply compiled the southamerica file from tzdata2009p and that was
it... right? wrong! This actually made the mac go somehow crazy since it
also uses some ICU files which I don't know how to handle.

My friend ended up using Chile's time during the summer and Uruguay's
time after Uruguay's DST period ended. Since a week ago the non-existent
DST for Argentina would have ended, I told him to try again Argentina's
time but it keeps being inconsistent.

Another mac he has at home has now the correct time.

Does anyone know how to restore the original OS X tzdata files without
reinstalling the OS? I know nothing about its packaging system... Mac
users seem to rely on "Apple update" service but I probably f##k'd it up
when I overwrote some files under /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Any help (or links to better places) will be greatly appreciated.

Mariano Absatz - "El Baby"
baby at baby.com.ar

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tape somewhere.
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