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> Subject: Proposal to the Paraguayan Government
> Hi Olson...
>   I would like to know, considering the tz datebase update procedure
> and the frequency at which mayor Linux distros, Java, Oracle and so on
> replicate this updates, how many days do you think there should be
> between a rule change and the next date it affects.
Hola Carlos,

as Paul Koning says, one year is a good start... personally, given the
recent history of Argentina, I'd say 4 or 5 months would rock, and
anything longer than a week would be fine... :-(

The time it takes from a reasonably confirmed published source until it
appears in tzdata is usually a couple of weeks or less, then, it is in
the hands of distributors.

>From my own (little) experience, debian takes a couple of weeks or so
and ubuntu sometimes less if there's someone who cares to file a bug and
follow it hardly... The last change to Argentina data that was made last
October and was announced on Friday 16th and to be applied at 0:00
Sunday 18th (yes, less that 48 hours of time).

tzdata2009p reflecting those changes appeared on Monday 26th (less than
2 weeks) but the ubuntu maintainer somehow trusted me and Margarita
Manterola (who is a debian maintainer) and applied the patch she made to
ubuntu-updates on Saturday 17th (right on time if you had automatic
updates applied daily). However this is hardly the norm (and most
concious sysadmin wouldn't apply updates automatically... I don't).

If you have ANY kind of influence with the people responsible for
deciding on timezone issues within Paraguay, please try to convince them
to decide and publish Laws or Decrees at least 6 months in advance of
the date they have to be applied.


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