Time zone file naming scheme

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Tue Apr 27 16:31:13 UTC 2010

The example seems reasonable to me; I plan to include a "Theory" change in the next batch.


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As spec lead of JSR-310, the Java effort to enhance dates and times,
I'm encoding TZDB data. In order to represent the different versions
of the data, I'm using the tzdb naming scheme or year followed by
letter, eg. 2010i. This version number is sorted alphabetically.

Obviously, it is possible that there might be more than 26 releases of
the data in one year. In order to maintain the alphabetical sort
order, I'd like this list to determine a strategy for the unlikely
event that this situation occurs.

For example:

If the list does not arrange a strategy (and define it in the theory
document), then JSR-310, or future maintainers, will have to make up
our own approach for numbering the 27th and onwards releases.



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