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Subject: Australian timezone abbreviation EST

Hi there,

I am a bit confused by the definition of some Australian timezones in
the database, maybe someone could shed some light here...

When I look at Melbourne for example, I see:

Rule    AV  2008    max -   Apr Sun>=1  2:00s   0   -
Rule    AV  2008    max -   Oct Sun>=1  2:00s   1:00    -
Zone Australia/Melbourne 9:39:52 -  LMT 1895 Feb
            10:00   Aus EST 1971
            10:00   AV  EST

It looks like there is only one valid timezone abbreviation, which is
EST! EST seems to change its offset whenever Australia/Melbourne
changes from dst or back? Isn't that more than confusing? How would
one know what time "4:15pm EST" is?! Or am I only misreading this?

http://www.travelmath.com/time-zone/Australia/Melbourne tells me:

"The GMT offset is currently UTC/GMT +10 hours (EST). It will change
[...]. The new GMT offset will be UTC/GMT +11 hours (EST)."

Thanks for your help,

PS: I am not subscribed to the list, it would be nice if you could
copy me in your replies. Thanks.

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