Hong Kong problem and BCN timezone(s)

Jesper Nørgaard jnorgard at prodigy.net.mx
Mon Aug 30 03:40:12 UTC 2010

I have found a small problem in the Hong Kong corrections of 2009q. It seems
that the Hong Kong government page says that DST was not used in 1977 and
1978, while this is the current tz data:
Rule HK 1965 1977 - Apr Sun>=16 3:30 1:00 S
Rule HK 1965 1977 - Oct Sun>=16 3:30 0 -

Indeed the whole extract of the government web page is still part of the
asia file. I would suggest it should be like this
Rule HK 1965 1976 - Apr Sun>=16 3:30 1:00 S
Rule HK 1965 1976 - Oct Sun>=16 3:30 0 -

My other question concerns the timezone America/Santa_Isabel. It seems that
several sources imply that all of Baca California Norte is on the same
This is far from authoritative, but at least and indication that BCN might
be one single timezone. I wonder if there has been any confirmation of the
Santa Isabel timezone in BCN? I am not saying it is not there, I just
haven't found any confirmation of it.
- Jesper Norgaard Welen
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