Hawaii zone question

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The comment is that "It's always standard as of 1986." 1986 was when the comment was written. (Yes, the 25th anniversary is impending.)


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Something confuses me about Hawaii.  It says that standard time was always 
on since 1986, but:

   -10:30 - HST 1933 Apr 30 2:00
   -10:30 1:00 HDT 1933 May 21 2:00
   -10:30 US H%sT 1947 Jun  8 2:00
   -10:00 - HST

Suggests that it has been standard time since June 8, 1947.  Also Pearl 
Harbor brought on WW II and I would have assumed war time for the military 
bases there at least.  Also was Hawaii part of the uniform time act since 
1967?  Hawaii was declared a state if memory serves back in 1959.


Curtis Manwaring 

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