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Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Thu Dec 16 14:32:15 UTC 2010

Hi SM,

On 10/24/10 11:18 AM, SM wrote:
> At 06:11 21-10-10, Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E] wrote:
>> In response to the need to find a new time zone home before I'm
>> eligible to retire in 2012, Eliot Lear and Paul Eggert have authored
>> the draft document "IANA Procedures for Maintaining the Timezone
>> Database" now available from the Internet Engineering Task Force
>> (IETF) web site:
> As the intended status of the document is BCP, I'll comment on it from
> that angle.  In Section 1:
>   "Those registries are coordinated by technical experts who are
>    designated by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)."
> For what it's worth, some of these registries might not fall under the
> In Section 2:
>   'This list membership will be transitioned to the IETF mail server.
>    The TZ coordinator will continue to manage the list, in accordance
>    with rules of governance for non-WG mailing lists (including, for
>    example, the commonly used "Note Well" statement).'
> Will the contributions fall under "Note Well" rules?

This relates to Tony's comments, and your later email.  See forthcoming
> In Section 4:
>   "From time to time it will be necessary to replace a TZ Coordinator.
>    This could occur for a number of reasons:"
> I suggest "appoint" instead of "replace".


>   "The IESG MUST use rough consensus of the TZ mailing
>    list as their primary guide to further action, when it exists."
> As the document is a BCP, these requirement could be changed in future.

> In Section 5:
>   "No change shall be made to the license without consultation and rough
>    consensus of the community."
> The document uses "rough consensus" instead of consensus".  The
> barrier is lower for the former.  The above text mentioned
> "community".  Is that the TZ community?

Changed.  Rough consensus is not sufficient to change license terms on
these licenses.

> In Section 6:
>   "It is the understanding of the IESG, ISOC, and IANA that the database
>    itself is public domain."
> I suggest replacing "IESG" with "IETF" as the IESG operates within the

>   "Should claims be made and substantiated against the database,
>    the IANA will act in accordance with all competent court orders."
> I suggest putting code distribution under the IETF so that the legal
> aspect falls under the IETF Trust.  The following sentence could then
> be removed:
>   "Should claims be made and substantiated against the database,
>    the IANA will act in accordance with all competent court orders."

I do not believe people wish to change the terms of distribution in this
> I suggest removing "further" from the following sentence:
>   "No further ownership claims will be made by IANA, the IETF Trust,
>    or ISOC on the database."


> In Section 7:
>   "The IANA will see that the role of TZ Coordinator is filled, based on
>    the procedures described above."

Changed to "The IANA will assist the IESG, as required,..."

> According to Section 4, it is the IESG that does that.
> There is a MoU between IANA and the IETF for IETF protocols.  There
> has been various interpretations of that MoU.  An alternative to avoid
> non-technical concerns is to place the distribution of the database
> under the RFC Editor and explore having the material with a status
> similar to the Independent Submission Stream.  I am not suggesting a
> license change.  The following text is an adaption from RFC 4846:
>   To the extent that a TZ Contribution or any portion thereof is
>   protected by copyright and other rights of authorship, the
>   Contributor, and each named co-Contributor, and the organization
>   he or she represents or is sponsored by (if any) grant an
>   irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and
>   license to the IETF Trust and the IETF under all intellectual
>   property rights in the TZ Contribution in perpetuity, to copy,
>   publish, display, and distribute the TZ Contribution.
>   The Contributor, each named co-Contributor, and the organizations
>   represented above irrevocably and in perpetuity grant the rights
>   listed below to the Internet Community:
>   A.  to prepare or allow the preparation of translations of the
>       TZ database into languages other than English,
>   B    to prepare derivative works (other than translations)
>        that are based on or incorporate all or  part of the
>        TZ Contribution, or comment upon it.  The license to such
>        derivative works shall not grant the IETF Trust, the IETF,
>        or other party preparing a derivative work any more rights
>        than the license to the original TZ Contribution, and
>   C.   to reproduce any trademarks, service marks, or trade names
>        that are included in the TZ Contribution solely in
>        connection with the reproduction, distribution, or
>        publication of the TZ Contribution and derivative
>        works.



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