Future time zone home

Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Thu Dec 16 16:11:10 UTC 2010

As usual, thanks for your contributions, Marshall.  Please see below:

On 12/16/10 4:01 PM, Marshall Eubanks wrote:
> Dear Elliot;
> I have read your draft, and have two issues (which I think are also touched on here).
> 1.)    
> It is the understanding of the IESG, ISOC, and IANA that the database
>    itself is public domain.
> While I certainly don't speak for the IESG,
> I don't think that you are going to get such a ruling from the IETF. The IETF is not a court and
> should not (IMO) be making assertions about other people's IPR. 
> You should (IMO) assert that it is public domain here, and let the IETF accept that assertion. That is probably the
> best you are going to get on this point. (I wouldn't be surprised if ISOC and IANA have similar concerns.)

Ok.  Will change accordingly.

> 2.) It is not clear to me from your document who will hold the copyright in the code (i.e., _who_ will be 
> issuing the BSD license). If it is the IETF Trust, then it will have to be the "Simplified BSD License" we settled upon for IETF
> code components. 

Only code that is licensed today– at this moment– is contemplated being
licensed at all, and that code that is license shall retain the license
it has.  In this case it's three files that are distributed under
license from U.C.

> 3.) A minor point 
> This memo
>    states that moving forward the TZ database will be distributed with a
>    valid cryptographic signature.
> You don't need to tell us what you are telling us. How about
> Moving forward the TZ database SHOULD be distributed with a
>    valid cryptographic signature.



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