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> Subject: Test cases for zoneinfo data
> Hi there,
> I'm creating a set of Java classes that closely reflect the structure of 
> Zoneinfo database. My requirement is driven mostly by wanting to 
> dynamically update Java TimeZone classes i.e. as opposed to compiling a 
> zoneinfo data and re-starting my application.

You probably want to look into JSR-310. TZDBZoneRulesCompiler in JSR-310 
creates ZoneRules from the tz database source files.

> In addition I feel that the 
> ICU and Sun classes do not accurately reflect Zoneinfo structures.

Well, ICU (and Sun/Oracle) have to gather daylight saving amount (usually 
1 hour, but some exceptions) information because Calendar API expose it. 
However, zic does not preserve the daylight saving amount information in 
the output files. Other than daylight saving amount information, ICU (and 
Sun/Oracle JDK, if my understanding is correct) duplicate the structure 
logically. ICU also adds some extra aliases for backward compatibility 
support purpose.

> I shall open-source this project once it gets to a working point.
> It'd be terribly helpful if I could get hold of some test cases, 
> or otherwise, that verify correct time zone calculations. Would anyone 
> out there have such things?

In ICU project, we use slightly modified version of zdump and compare the 
output with the one generated by ICU's TimeZone implementation. You may 
consider similar method for testing your implementation.

Yoshito Umaoka (ICU Project)

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